Monday, November 4, 2013

Wifi Direct

We have been getting many questions with regards to Wifi Direct technology. A few year ago wireless technology like Wifi, Infra-Red, BlueTooth, NFC etc are best known for data communication.

Now you would be thinking what about wifi? If you look at it wifi allows several devices, computers, printers, mobiles etc.. to wirelessly transfer data and communicate with each other.  The only catch with wifi was that it needed a medium for the data transfer or communication to take place, that medium was usually a wireless access point / wireless router.  So the wifi alliance came up with a new technology and called it Wifi Direct.

Wifi Direct:

Thus Wifi Direct can also be called peer-to-peer Wifi, in essence it allows for two or more devices to connect to each other directly without the need for a wireless access point (wireless router).

In order for a device to be able to use Wifi Direct it needs to be certified by the Wifi Alliance. The certification is known as Wifi Certified and currently over 550 products have been certified Wifi Direct and the product range is expanding. Example of products that have been certified Wifi Direct include Smartphones, Televisions, Laptops etc.